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Our Mission:

Aqua Botanical’s primary objective is to provide sustainable solutions to our customers. We are passionate about agriculture, sustainability, and improving our communities.  

Slogans: Growing New Ideas & Planting Seeds for the Future

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St. Louis Missouri Aquaponics & Water Features

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The Future:

Ultimately, at Aqua Botanical we seek to develop products, offer services, and build educational formats around improving our overall quality of life while at the same time reducing input requirements and in general cleaning up the way businesses function on all levels and set a new standard in sustainability and efficiency  We seek to bring awareness to the importance of clean, organic, locally grown food, and help individuals as well as communities more effectively sustain themselves.  As we stand we feel that there is no other alternative but to shift away from the current food production model and into a more sustainable way of supporting ourselves. 

Aqua Botanical History and Vision:

Aqua Botanical was founded in 2011 by William Hughes Jr. and Timothy Elliott II. Aqua Botanical is the foundation of their vision to help build a more sustainable future.

Williams’ focus is on sustainability & permaculture design and integration. He is an aquaponics expert and has back-ground in water filtration, ponds, fountains, home automation, complex system design, engineering and fabrication. He is also a Certified Fitness Trainer and Health/Nutrition specialist.

Tim acquired his M.B.A. from Missouri Baptist University in December of 2011. Tims’ focus is on sustainable business development and brings to the table valuable experience and the tools necessary to develop a successful, sustainable business.

We are Indigo Children

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