The Urban Farming Guys

UFG is a band of pioneers, farmers, and fans. We believe that entire communities can be transformed from the inside out… from bust and blight to thriving and sustainable places to raise the next generation. And it can be done without massive programs, without ribbons and bows, and without changing a single demographic. In order to become fully effective in living out this mission in hostile territories, and to align their hands with their hearts, UFG founders have invested their entire lives, and moved their homes into one of the most dangerous and blighted zip-codes in the U.S 64127, Lykins Neighborhood, as the first prototype sustainable community, starting from quite possibly the farthest thing from it. UFG works to empower indigenous groups and partner to build economic forces from the inside out, creating jobs, building resilient communities with affordable healthy food access, and to establishing alternative water and energy solutions that ultimately preserve life in many geographic situations. We are also working in extreme east India and have built an an off grid fish farm at an orphanage there and we will soon return to build a bio-gas system to provide cooking fuel and electricity.


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