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The Good Food Revolution

This is the Future of Farming.  Will Allen of Growing Power and Sweet Water Organics in Milwaukee are paving the way to the future of urban farming!  “My personal goal is helping to end world hunger” “I would hope that we can move along a continuum to make sure that all of citizens have access […]

Sustainable Man

http://sustainableman.org/ When did you first start paying attention to reality? We are all in different stages of “waking up” to reality. Some people are fully awake and have become their own media centers, working to spread awareness about the issues that matter. Others are just starting to face the serious […]

Earthrise – Aquaponics

Call 314.609.7838 to find out how to help Aqua Botanical start a food revolution in St. Louis Missouri!

Colorado Aquaponics

http://www.coloradoaquaponics.com/gallery Amazing things happening in Colorado! Colorado Aquaponics is building a commercial scale aquaponics system at the GrowHaus, growing nutritious fish and vegetables together. About the Aquaponics System The proposed aquaponics system (a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics) is a commercial design based upon a model that is already successfully […]

Phase 2 update

700 Gallon fish tank is cycling water. We now have a 4 stage water filtration system so we can use water from the hose if necessary.. Tomato plants are growing like crazy. Pepper plants are still producing. Cabbage plant got huge.


T-Shirts are available!  Please contact us for ordering information.  T-Shirts are $20.  All proceeds will be used to help us grow as much food as possible! Special Thanks to Pierrce at OneTime Clothing in St. Louis, MO. http://onetimee.com/site/store.html http://onetimeco.com/ OneTime is an exceptional culture brand based in Missouri’s River City: […]