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How Aqua Botanical will help create positive change

Aqua Botanical is a company with consciousness and motivation to improve the way we feed the world. Beginning locally we plan to help create a new food supply model that is both completely sustainable and conscious of the dramatic effect that sustainability and pure, nutritious foods have on both our […]

Know Thy Food

Know Thy Food And “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates During the last four years I have been sent down the rabbit hole in an effort to uncover the truth about why we are all so sick and unhealthy. Part of my […]

2012 The Year of Aquaponics!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Portable Farms Ltd. designates this year as: The Year of Aquaponics.   Aquaponics technology, especially using the Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems, can be a boon to any community, city, company or investor who is willing to make the investment in time and money.    “The number of people living […]