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The Good Food Revolution

This is the Future of Farming.  Will Allen of Growing Power and Sweet Water Organics in Milwaukee are paving the way to the future of urban farming!  “My personal goal is helping to end world hunger” “I would hope that we can move along a continuum to make sure that all of citizens have access […]

Get your custom Aquaponics system today!

Now taking orders! 314.609.7838 Want to feed your family the freshest, most nutritious food available without paying premiums for organic foods at the grocery store or even leaving your home? We design and build indoor and outdoor Aquaponics systems that fit your home and budget.  We can design, construct and install systems to feed […]

How Aqua Botanical will help create positive change

Aqua Botanical is a company with consciousness and motivation to improve the way we feed the world. Beginning locally we plan to help create a new food supply model that is both completely sustainable and conscious of the dramatic effect that sustainability and pure, nutritious foods have on both our […]

Aqua Botanical Services 1

System Design* For those who are capable of building the system themselves, but need a blueprint to follow, our designers will put together the following: –A parts list –Directions on how to assemble grow beds and fish tank plumbing –A custom sketchup design drawing of what the finish product will […]

Aquaponic Farm with Fish & Vegetables at a Former Meat Packing Factory at Plant Chicago

How can we feed a growing world? Industrial buildings are ideal for raising fish and vegetables in tandem By  Melissa Harris CHICAGO TRIBUNE Friday April 15, 2011 5:21 AM http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2011/04/15/farmers-dig-cities.html CHICAGO – John Edel is turning a former meatpacking plant on the edge of Chicago’s old Union Stockyards, which used […]