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Aquaponics System #1 Update

Update on our first indoor aquaponics system.  We have not planted any new plants in the top grow beds since the initial sprouts in December.  It’s amazing to see just how much has grown and how much we have harvested since then.  We just added plants to the bottom grow […]

Indoor Aquaponics

Welcome to the world of Indoor Aquaponics. This Aquaponic system uses a standard 55 gallon fish tank. Currently it is running off of Gold fish and red minnow feeder fish to prove just how adaptable these systems are. http://www.localharvest.org/reviews.jsp?mid=53044

Custom In Home Aquaponics Systems!

Aqua Botanical is proud to announce: Custom In Home Aquaponics Systems!    

Aqua Botanical Services 1

System Design* For those who are capable of building the system themselves, but need a blueprint to follow, our designers will put together the following: –A parts list –Directions on how to assemble grow beds and fish tank plumbing –A custom sketchup design drawing of what the finish product will […]