Know Thy Food

Know Thy Food

And “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates

During the last four years I have been sent down the rabbit hole in an effort to uncover the truth about why we are all so sick and unhealthy. Part of my ramblings led me in construing and asking myself a question: is Jenny craig better than Nutrisystem? The deeper I got into it all the more discouraged I became. I uncovered many frightening truths about where our food comes from, how it is grown and raised, and what it is doing to our health. This motivated me to shift my thinking and start seeking out more nutritious food. It was extremely difficult at first, but eventually I was able to sort through all the junk information and became an expert on nutrition and toxicology in the process. I started at the bottom of the latter and began climbing up out of the illusion created by our food industry, chemical companies like Monsanto and even the pharmaceutical industry. Ill spare you the novel of information for the time being and sum up what I have learned by explaining to you the importance of knowing thy food and returning to local sustainable methods of growing the cleanest and purest food available.

The more pure the food, the more pure the body. The cleaner your body, the better you feel and the better your body functions and performs, not to mention the powerful connection to the grander picture that this promotes. I CAN NOT stress enough the difference that pure, unadultered, chemical free and non genetically modified food can make in your life.

Unfortunately, the fact is that our food supply has become TOXIC, as in poisonous and incompatible with our bodies. This has spawned a plethora of degenerative diseases and illnesses from the build up of toxins that we have accumulated over the years of abuse that we have unknowingly subjected our bodies to.  Everyday we bombard our bodies with chemical warfare, sending all of our bodily functions way out of whack and all to often expect the doctor to figure out why we are all so sick. I can guarantee you that we are not sick because of the lack of another orange bottle in the medicine cabinet, it is because of the lack of nutritious foods to help us heal and regenerate.

But are we really that sick? I sure don’t feel all that sick. Well, quite frankly, most of us are sick, even if we don’t realize it. If you don’t feel AMAZING every waking day of your life, then you must face the facts. Sickness doesn’t necessarily mean a degenerative disease, and can be as simple as under-nourishment and toxicity, which most everybody is a victim of.

It is extremely important to know where our food comes from. Why? The fact is that pure food grown on a commercial scale no longer exists, and even organic is not as clean as it should be. Profit has become more important than our health, and overtime, a very small group of corporations have gained control over the majority of our food supply. This has shifted the interests from local sustainable methods of growing food to large scale operations that rely heavily on the ignorant overuse of chemicals and genetic modification to “promote” growth. This mixed with air and groundwater pollution, along with the chemicals that are being sprayed into our air (research chemtrails), the worlds cleanest soils have become tainted with toxic compounds and depleted of the extremely crucial ecosystem that plants rely on in order to grow the healthy, nutritious and disease free fruits of mother natures labor.

So how do we solve this? Well, first and foremost I advocate growing your own food, as there is no better way to become a healthy person, but most people simply don’t have the time or energy to invest into this. That is where we come into play.

Here at Aqua Botanical we have adopted the Aquaponics philosophy and are now in the process of developing the future of St louis’ food supply, and we need your help. As we progress we will be focusing our efforts on building community supported systems that will grow the cleanest, most nutritious foods in the world that will be competitively priced with the food you will find at the grocery store, but with one difference; we will not be selling our food to the stores, but directly to you! This process will be slow at first but the end result will be a business that was started in order to develop a method of supplying our locals with the cleanest, most nutritious food available, ANYWHERE. We will also back up our claims 100% and offer free tours of our facility to all who wish to visit and we will heavily advocate this in order for our customers to completely understand the process that there food goes through from seedling and fingerling to table.

I look forward to meeting all of you face to face in the future, and further educating you all on the importance of creating a direct connection with your food and how to become the healthiest person you have ever become. In the meantime, live well and be happy.

Thank you

William Hughes
Clean Food Guru



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