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Looking to grow your own food and reduce your grocery bill? We design, build and install custom aquaponic systems for any in-home/outdoor application.

Systems can be designed for indoor or outdoor use and can be set up to run on their own even in the event of natural or other disaster.

Our systems are available in basic and premium versions.

Below are just a few examples of what we offer.

  System Callage

inhomeaquaponics aquabotanicalaquaponics customaquaponics sunroom custom corner aquaponics

Custom In Home Aquaponics Systems!

Custom Indoor Aquaponics Corner SystemCustom Indoor Aquaponics System

Custom Inhome AquaponicsCustom Inhome Aquaponics

Custome Indoor Aquarium AquaponicsIndoor Aquaponics7

Custom Indoor Aquaponics 1Indoor Aquaponics System#1




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