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Your support is greatly appreciated!


–Our employees would love to work with you. They need help with website development, promotions/sales , building systems, planting food forests and help developing other sustainability projects.

Improve Your Lifestyle
Grow Food – Everyone can grow something!
Recycle – Call your local trash service and ask for a recycling container. Remember when you throw it away, it does not disappear!
Support Clean Energy – Call your electric company and ask about clean energy programs. Ameren UE has a program called Pure Power that allows customers to use energy from renewable resources instead of coal.

Spread Awareness
–Talk to people about becoming more sustainable, recycling and growing food. Tell them about Aqua Botanical

Aqua Botanical Community Garden (ABCG)
–Once your aquaponics system is installed, you will automatically become a member of the ABCG. The ABCG is our way of connecting everyone growing their own organic food. It is a place for individuals to bring food they grow to exchange for food others have grown. If enough people get involved in the garden large quantities and a variety of food could be provided by the community.


Funding– In order for any environment start-up company to be as revolutionary as it is meant to be, monetary donations and funding sponsors are imperative.
Building Materials – tools, lumber, liner, plumbing materials, solar panels, pumps, fish tanks and bamboo
Property– to make Aqua Botanical headquarters (2-3 acres). This will allow us to build greenhouses, a workshop and education center. If land is not available, an abandoned building or empty lot can be donated for a similar use.

Thank you to everyone who is reading this page!

Help us make the world a better place.

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