Aquaponics System #1 Update

Update on our first indoor aquaponics system.  We have not planted any new plants in the top grow beds since the initial sprouts in December.  It’s amazing to see just how much has grown and how much we have harvested since then.  We just added plants to the bottom grow trays so we can start our salad bar.  We planted the sprouts in the bottom on 5/30/13.  I didn’t think they would make it since they were so tiny but they have really grown quickly and look really healthy!


Aquaponics Lettuce LeavesAquaponics Salad2Aquaponics SaladLettuce

Before and after pictures of picking lettuce for Super Bowl Salad

SAMSUNGAquaponics LettuceSAMSUNGCucumbers

We just turned the system on December 28 and already the plants are responding better than expected.  We will be keeping you up to date on the progress of the plants as they grow.  We will be adding a salad bar in the bottom grow space very soon.

Powering up the first time

SAMSUNGIndoor Aquaponics System#1

Plants day 1 (December 28), We planted lettuce in one grow bed and cucumbers and a bean plant in the other.  The lettuce wasn’t doing very well at all when we first planted in the system because we sprouted a little too early.

SAMSUNGinhome aquaponics lettucein home aquaponics lettuceSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNG

Cucumber, Lima Bean Plant and Romaine Lettuce


The cucumber and bean plants are getting bigger by the day.



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