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6 thoughts on “Contact us

  • Deborah Caby

    Another woman and myself have just ordered a very small aquaponic system off the internet. (Wish I xould have found your sight sooner!) We are exploring the use of aquaponics to feed people who are food insecure in our area. We thought this might also be a tool to make others aware of the environmental damage that is a result of industrial farming (monocultures). We have a sight available but will need to build the structure using sustainable materials and hopefully using green energy. Do you have a facility or warehouse where we may explore different options?

    • aquabotanical Post author

      It is always refreshing to hear about others looking to build awareness around how to feed people who are food insecure in our area and providing awareness of the environmental damage that is a result of industrial farming. Unfortunetly we do not currently have a warehouse or facility to explore different options. We are still operating on a small scale. We will be happy to discuss solutions, designs and options for building your structure using sustainable materials and green energy. Please email or call for more information. Thank you, Tim tim@aquabotanical.org will@aquabotanical.org 314.660.7255

  • Carole

    Dear Tim and William I work at the Swiss federal research center for agriculture. We would like to use one or two of the pictures you show on your webpage, we want to use it to illustrate a booklet about our research during 125 years to visualize a possible future. Of course we will tell that the picture(s) are from Aqua Botanical. Is it possible to get some pictures of aquaponic systems and vertical farming? If yes, would it be for free or what would it cost? thanks for soon reply Carole

  • Logan

    Hi there, Interested in a custom built corner Aquaponics system. Looking to find out if possible to buy – we’re from Ontario, Canada. What is the process and could we get an estimate? We are interested in the corner system. Thanks!

  • Augustus Knickmeyer

    My name is Augustus Knickmeyer, I am an Agricultural Education teacher and FFA Advisor in Jefferson County, just south of St. Louis. I am starting a new program and am very interested in teaching sustainable agriculture, especially in the form of aquaponics, to my students. I recently found out about a grant of up to $1,000 for K-8th grade teachers, teaching about growing organically. I was hoping to apply for the grant and talk to you all about the possibility of building us a system around a budget of $1,000. Would this be a possibility?