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Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest

It’s Not a Fairytale: Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest Hungry? Just head over to the park. Seattle’s new food forest aims to be an edible wilderness   Forget meadows. Seattle’s food forest will be filled with edible plants, and everything from pears to herbs will be free for […]

FarmedHere, Nation’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm, Opens In Chicago Area

FarmedHere: the freshest, healthiest and the most local greens in Chicago. Environmentally sustainable, socially wholesome, economically viable: we make it happen. Occupying 90,000 square feet of a formerly abandoned suburban Chicago warehouse, FarmedHere is not only the first indoor vertical farm of its kind in the nation — it’s […]

Sustainable Man When did you first start paying attention to reality? We are all in different stages of “waking up” to reality. Some people are fully awake and have become their own media centers, working to spread awareness about the issues that matter. Others are just starting to face the serious […]

University Uses Tesla Technology to Wirelessly Charge Bus

Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification (WAVE): Our mission is to revolutionize the transit industry by providing wireless charging technology for use in electric vehicles of all sizes.  Battery limitations represent the largest roadblock to full scale electric vehicle market adoption.  WAVE’s wireless charging solution solves battery limitations related to weight, cost, […]