Aquaponic Systems are environmentally conscious, on-site food production systems.


They are closed-loop units, producing flavorful vegetables and fruits, and low-fat, high-protein fish, in a healthy environment. These units utilize nutrient-rich water from the fish tanks to nourish vegetables and fruits “planted” in the units’ growing trays, and then circulate the cleansed water back into the fish tanks. It’s as simple as that!

An Aquaponics System is scalable for family, community, organizational or institutional use…even commercial growing. And you may consume the vegetables, fruits and fish yourself…or sell them to local stores, restaurants or at farmer’s markets The beauty of these scalable systems is that should one unit malfunction (which is unlikely…but could happen) the rest of the units within the system are unaffected.

SAVES 95% of the water required by in-ground growing,

resulting in huge savings on your water usage…while providing fresh, tasty organic vegetables and fruits!

Grows Vegetables and Fruits faster,

resulting in vegetables and fruits ready to harvest much quicker than by in-ground methods!

No need to water,

as the unit automatically, and continuously,circulates a nutrient-rich supply of warm water throughout the system.

No need to weed,

because the vegetables and fruits are “planted” in gravel or clayton, not soil.

No need for pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides,

the unit naturally balances the system for you!

No need for antibiotics or hormones,

the fish are in a healthy, happy environment at all times.

Aquaponic Systems can be used in very cold or very hot climates,

Aquaponics can be set up inside of a greenhouse anywhere.

Most systems pay for themselves in about three years,

but last much longer than that…making them an excellent investment!

Maintenance is minimal,

most systems require a few minutes per day, and a complete Operation and Maintenance Manual is included with your system.

These systems ARE portable,

take them with you when you move…just leave the heavy stuff behind.

The systems can produce YEAR-ROUND vegetables, fruits and fish,

extend your growing cycles during winter months by adding grow lights.

The entire system can be Solar-Powered and Completely Automated.

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