Aqua Botanical is a conscious group of individuals that sees solutions to many problems that we are currently facing. We are passionate about agriculture, sustainability. and improving our communities. We work continuously to help build awareness of the solutions that are ready to implement.  Our goal is to work together to help transition our world into a better future.

Ponds and Aquaponics are our primary focus but ultimately we seek to develop products, offer services, build educational formats around improving our overall quality of life, clean up the way businesses function on all levels and set a new standard in sustainability.

***Now servicing the Denver Colorado area***

St. Louis Missouri Aquaponics & Ponds

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Call us 314.660.7255Aquaponics Cycle - Aqua Botanical

We are Indigo Warriors

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  • msjackieo07

    Love the new design. Really, it is AWESOME !!! I’m very Excited about the ponds,too Way To Grow Again !!! Good Luck !!!

  • Edward vannatta

    hello sir I am looking for details about you products place lave me a messages . When I post this , I am looking for more Information on this . Aquaponices and Haydroponics grow plant and fishing love some out there help me Disability want help of people have Disability thank you for your time Edward van natta

  • PhanTom

    I’m PhanTom ,I want to do an aquabotanical model in Vietnam. I am very determined with this job because Vietnamese consumer goods are clean and clean. Hope you guys learn to. So it is in Vietnam.mog you mind