How Aqua Botanical will help create positive change

Aqua Botanical is a company with consciousness and motivation to improve the way we feed the world. Beginning locally we plan to help create a new food supply model that is both completely sustainable and conscious of the dramatic effect that sustainability and pure, nutritious foods have on both our own health and the health of the environment.

This understanding motivates us to develop and implement new methods of agriculture that will help eliminate the need for, genetically modified organisms (both plants and animals) as well as harmful chemicals, antibiotics and hormones that are so heavily relied upon.

At Aqua Botanical we imagine a world where anyone can grow their own food or have access to the freshest locally grown food  in a way that leaves no one without this basic but vitally important human need. Agriculture is the foundation of a healthy society and with the advancements of modern technology along with the urban agricultural movements there are many opportunities opening up to enhance the way our worlds food supply produces food for everyone. Current methods of farming however, make it nearly impossible to effectively feed largely populated and under developed areas and are proving to have a major impact on the environment, so improving this is something that can and must be done for future generations.

Using Aquaponics, Aqua Botanical will help provide our communities with healthiest most nutritious food available. Our knowledge and experience allows us to design and build systems almost anywhere there is unused space. The ultimate goal is to utilize whatever spaces we can to plug in to the existing infrastructure in ways that require significantly less resources to function optimally and efficiently. By approaching it this way we hope to one day help put into place a food supply model that leaves no one out.

Aqua Botanical is founded on the awareness of the problems our world faces, and we are very much in the business of making the world a better place. Having access to the purist, most nutritious food is a basic human right and should be available to everyone.

 All of the problems we face today have a solution. It is time we evolve and invest in our future generations. All we need is starting capital and you to believe in us and we can begin our journey of fixing the world’s problems.

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